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Sustainability at Yellow Hat.Whether it's a comfortable life with a car or memories of spending time with the family in the car, it's all about safety.

With our love for cars, we want them to run towards a brighter future.
With this in mind, we named our company after the "yellow school hats" that symbolizes safety.
This core value has been reflected across our approach to sustainability.

With an extensive lineup of products and services, we strive towards car safety. We standardized safety frameworks and technology nationwide with our "Yellow Hat" stores. Today, our values are moving us towards the future.
We are taking initiatives to build cities, societies, and an environment where children can live in peace and security.
We have a long journey ahead of us, but we believe it is important to start with what we can do now and persevere. This is how we think about sustainability.

We hope to grow our stores and become part of the city's infrastructure for safe, secure, and comfortable living.
This is what drives us with utmost pride at Yellow Hat.