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Message from the President
Message from the President


Yellow Hat continues to aim for stores that are loved by everyone in the community.

Yellow Hat Group is a corporate group deploying a network of stores that are primarily concerned with selling and fitting car supplies and parts.

Based on our primary founding spirit of “Bringing happiness to everyone concerned”, we aim to develop community-based stores that provide car life contents to customers all over Japan under the catchphrase of “Yellow Hat ? Being of service on your roads, in your town!”.
Building a network of stores where customers can receive support for all their car life needs, we propose automobile interior spaces to ensure the safety, peace of mind and comfort of all people who drive or ride in vehicles.

Moreover, with the addition of 2-Rinkan specializing in motorcycle supplies and Bike-kan, which sells and purchases new and used motorcycles, we have expanded the group’s operations to include the motorcycle business.
While establishing new stores and vitalizing our existing stores in Japan, we will continue to popularize our brand image to become more attractive to customers as we aim for the lasting growth of Yellow Hat Group.

In closing, I reaffirm our commitment to working hard for further enhancement of our corporate value and humbly ask for your continued support and patronage.

Yasuo Horie President & CEO Yellow Hat Ltd

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