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Basic Policy for
Promoting Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Promotion Policy

To be a trusted supporter in every aspect of car life, the Yellow Hat Group aims to build a reliable network that offers peace of mind to customers by deploying stores and providing an abundant lineup of products that meet customer needs, and conducting pit operations that leverage state-of-the-art equipment and reliable technology.
As drastic changes occur to automobiles at a dizzying pace, such as the emergence of automated driving and the popularization of electric vehicles, to ensure that we continue to be a company that is needed by customers, we are committed to improving corporate competitiveness by promoting digital transformation and thereby enhancing “convenience for customers” and “productivity of employees”.

Digital Transformation Strategy

In view of the immense scope for utilizing IT digital technology in this industry, we aim to be a real store-based “total car maintenance company” by promoting digital transformation geared to creating new value in car maintenance. This initiative comprises the following aspects.

  • Strengthening of convenience for customers when using stores
  • Enhancement in the quality of customer services and work by utilizing digital devices
  • Strengthening of digital marketing
  • Improvement of work productivity utilizing the cloud

Digital Transformation Structure

We have established the Digital Transformation Promotion Office under the President & CEO, with the Director in Charge of Digital Transformation Promotion responsible for practical implementation.
The Digital Transformation Promotion Office is committed to transforming existing services and business models by gathering ideas related to digital transformation from the entire organization, securing human resources suitable for promoting digital transformation, and building systems that are both consistent and flexible.

Established March 2023