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Sponsorship Activities

Kashima Antlers FC

Ever since the launch of J. League in 1993, we have sponsored Kashima Antlers FC.

In the 2000 season, Kashima Antlers FC became the first team in J. League history to become triple champions of the J. League Division 1, J. League Cup, and Emperor’s Cup.

Moreover, it was the first team to become J. League Division 1 champions for three consecutive seasons, in 2007, 2008, and 2009, and it became the most successful team in J. League history when it won its 20th title in the 2018 season.

Yellow Hat’s sponsorship of Kashima Antlers FC in the J. League is underpinned by the desire to spread football and enhance sports in Japan and also to produce professional players who can compete on the world stage.

Another reason we support Kashima Antlers FC is our desire, which is similar to the philosophy of the J. League, to serve all people, through stores that can contribute to community-based exchanges.

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Yellow Hat Hat-trick Award

The Yellow Hat Hat-trick Award is awarded to players of Kashima Antlers who score a hat-trick in J. League and YBC Levain Cup games played at home.